The three basic types of spare parts are: (a) PM spares: Those replaced during preventive or opportunity maintenance, (b) Repair Parts (Breakdown spares): those required to replace parts that fail during service, and (c) Overhaul (Shutdown) Parts: Those required during planned overhaul or shut down of the plant.

Co-Mill, MultiMill/Cad Mill, Sifter Sieve, Dutch Mesh, TC Ferrules, TC Clamp/Dummy, Dip Rod/Sampler, Scoop/Hammer, SS Barrel Pump, SS Wire Mesh/ Perforated Sheets/Sieves.

CO-Mill Sieves

Shifter Sieves

Dutch Mesh Sieves

TC Clamp/ Liner/ Hose Nipple & Ferrules

Teflon Liquid Sampler


Barrel Pump Manual, Pneumatic & Electric

SS Wire Mesh & Perforated Sheet

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