We are Shreeram, We have a full range of heavy, medium, and light-duty castors with various sizes as well as special applications. Our products are well known for their quality, reliability, durability, and price. We have been supplying our products for government projects, the automobile industry, the manufacturing industry, hospitals, hotels, shipyards, airport fabricators as well as many established firms both locally and globally.

When it comes to material handling and mobility, the choice of castors and trolley wheels can significantly impact the efficiency and maneuverability of equipment. These unassuming yet critical components play a vital role in a diverse range of applications, from industrial settings to commercial spaces. Let's explore the features, advantages, and applications that make castors and trolley wheels essential elements in the world of mobility.

Key Features and Advantages of Castor and Trolley Wheel

Load Bearing Capacity

Versatility in Design

Quiet and Smooth Operation

Corrosion Resistance

Applications Across Industries:

Specialized Castors for Unique Applications:

High-Temperature Castors:

Designed for use in environments with elevated temperatures, such as bakeries and industrial ovens, high-temperature castors withstand heat without compromising performance.

Anti-Static Castors:

In environments where electrostatic discharge is a concern, anti-static castors dissipate static electricity, protecting sensitive electronic equipment and ensuring a safe work environment.

Heavy-Duty Castors:

For applications requiring the movement of exceptionally heavy loads, heavy-duty castors provide robust support and stability, enhancing the efficiency of material handling operations.

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Apex C-100 Series Nylon Wheel

Apex C-100 Series PU Wheels

Apex C-100 Series Cast Iron Wheel

Apex C-100 Series Rubber Wheel

Apex C-150 Series Nylon Wheel

Apex C-150 Series PUCI Wheel

Apex C-150 Series Nylon On Cast Iron

Apex C-150 Series Cast Iron Wheel

Apex C-300 Series Nylon Wheel

Apex C-300 Series PUCI Wheel

Apex C-300 Nylon on CI Wheel

Apex C-300 Cast Iron Wheel

Apex C-100 SP Series Nylon

Apex C-100 SP Series CITPU

Apex C-300 Twin Series Nylon Wheel

Apex C-300 Twin Series PUCI Wheel

Apex C-300 Twin Series Nylon on CI Wheel

Apex C-300 Twin Series Cast Iron Wheel

Nylon Wheel For Pallet Truck

PUCI Wheel For Pallet Truck

SUPO-J03S Hi-Temp. Nylon Wheel

SUPO- J07S Skidproof PU wheel

SUPO-J07S Polyurethane Wheel With C.I Core Double Ball Bearing

SUPO-J07S Polypropylene Wheel With Double Ball Bearing

SUPO-Z08 Polypropylene Wheels With Single Ball Bearing

SUPO- J10 Nylon Wheel With Tapper Roller Bearing


SUPO J11 & J12 Nylon Wheel

SUPO-J17 Polyurethane (282) Wheel

SUPO-J17 Nylon wheel with Double Ball Bearing

SUPO-C01 Thermoplastic Rubber Wheel (TPR)

Solid Rubber Tyre Wheel (SRT)

SUPO-JP23 Polyurethane With Single Ball Bearing (Nylon Fork)

AGV caster Wheel

SUPO- IV-1M Wheel



33 Series

SUPO - SRC A1 Series

SUPO SRC PolyUrethane (PU) Wheel

SURO SRC A3 & A5 Wheels

SUPO-IVY- IV 10-20 series

IVY - IV-20

IV13-13H series

IV - Z103 TPR Round Tread



IV52 Series


SUPO-IVY- C103 & C108 - Chrome fork TPR

SUPO-IVY-77-44 Series

SUPO-IVY-IV-31S-32 Series

IVTW (Chair Wheel)

SUPO-IVY-IV33-35 Series


IV-B103 Scaffolding Caster Wheel

IV78 & IV79, Scaffolding Rubber Wheel


SUPO-IVY-IV37,38,39,40 Series

SUPO-IVY- IV-Z303 Series

SUPO-IVY-Medical Caster Wheels, Twin Wheel - IV-62

SUPO-IVY-Medical bed central Caster Wheels - IV-62

SUPO-IVY- Twin Wheel Central Locking Caster Wheels - IV62

SUPO-IVY- Medical Caster

SUPO-IVY- Ball Transfer Unit

B-100-Extra Heavy Duty Nylon Wheels

SUPO-IVY - Z127- Pneumatic Caster Wheels


SUPO-IVY- IT113, Caster Wheels

SUPO-IVY-Z101 & B101 A1 Series


SUPO-IVY-IV-Z105 & Z104

Supo J03S PU Wheels

SUPO J03S Hi-Tech PU Wheel

J03S TPR Wheels

SUPO - J05S Series PP

Mr. Wheel Heavy Duty Castor

Mr. Wheel Low Duty Castor

Mr. Wheel Low Duty Spring Loaded Castor

"Mr. Wheel" Fabricated Castor

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