Apex C-100 SP Series Nylon

Medium duty powder coated pressed steel spring loaded caster of double ball race swivel head secured with thick thread hex pin & covered with nylon dust seal. Two sealed ball bearings are used in the wheel in order to give foreceless free movement to caster. Heavy duty spring is provided at the back side which protects the caster from heavy jerk load and thus not causing any damages of components under dynamic conditions. 

C-100SP Spring Caster Series is suitable for 250 kg - 600 kg weight. We suggest different wheel types for different type of surfaces & temperature conditions. Apex C-100SP spring caster series is available with Medium duty Aluminium Wheel, Heavy duty Nylon Wheel, heavy duty PU Wheel, Cast Iron Wheel, Rubber Wheel & Nylon Pu Wheel etc. You can choose wheel type by discussing our executives, they will suggest best wheel type and accessories according to your application.

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